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28 07 2016
Ana Paula
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Ana Paula postou isso

Tomorrow Damien‘s final episode will air in Brazil, and we thought this was the perfect moment to thank everyone involved in this fascinating show.

Since the show has so many fans around the world, we decided to use different languages to say how much we appreciate your hard work.

Glen Mazzara: We are sad that we won’t have a second season, but we are so grateful, not only for you casting Bradley, but for the great job you did. Be proud because we are. Merci beaucoup!

Directors Shekhar Kapur, Ernest R. Dickerson, Guillermo Navarro, Bronwen Hughes, Mikael Salomon, Nick Copus, T.J. Scott, Tim Andrew, Jennifer Lynch: You knew how to bring the best of each actor and you all did an exceptional job. Grazie!

Writers Mark H. Kruger,Ryan C. Coleman,Nazrin Choudhury, K. C. Perry, Richard Hatem, Mark H. Kruger, Sarah Thorp: Damien’s scripts were masterpieces. Danke schön!

Bear McCreary: Your music gave Damien that extra touch to make every episode more special. Liels Paldies!

Barbara Hershey: You are an outstanding actress! Ann Rutledge is such a complex and intriguing character that we fell in love at first sight. You were fantastic! Muchas Gracias!

Scott Wilson: His performance as John Lyons was brilliant and we only hope he knows how much we appreciate his wonderful job. Xie xie!

Robin Weigert: Sister Greta was a powerful character and your acting was stunning! Efharisto!

Megalyn Echikunwoke: Simone went through a lot in every episode and you did a wonderful job. Shukran!

Omid Abtahi: Amani was the friend that everyone wants to have. Your performance always lets us proud and impressed. We wish you nothing but the best in your next project. Thank you!

David Meunier: Detective Shay was a character with many sides, and your performance was consistent and flawless from the first, to the last episode. Tapadh leibth!

Melanie Scrofano: What you did with Veronica was awesome! So consistent and real that we shed tears on her death scene. Arigato!

Amanda Elkins: Your support and help in promoting Damien in Brazil was amazing. We love you! Tack!

Canal A&E Brazil: We are proud to say that our Brazilian channel did a fantastic job promoting Damien. Two reruns during the week, two marathons, promos during your schedule and an amazing pre-premiere in one of the most traditional places in São Paulo. Dziekuje!

Bradley James: “The sexy British actor with an awesome accent”. The way the press sometimes defines you bothers us a little, because you are so much more than a pretty face. This fan site exists not because of your appearance, but because of your huge talent. Your performance as Damien Thorn was marvelous; even if you were not saying anything, your eyes said it all. We hope you know how much we love you and how much we are proud of you. It doesn’t matter what your next step will be, we will always support you. Obrigado!

To all the people who worked on and off screen, Thank you so much for your great job!

All our love,

Ana Paula (@spnferreira), Gabriel (@wanhedo) and Aline (@alineluz)

Or if you prefer, the team behind Bradley James Brasil

*In case you are all wondering, the languages used are: French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Arabic, English, Scottish, Japanese, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese. At least, that’s what Google said!😉😈